53-year-old MMA fan vs 21-year-old fighter

53-year-old MMA fan gets KO victory over 21-year-old fighter.

Despite some very shaky camera work this video is all kinds of awesome. Let’s set the stage for you. 53-year old MMA fan Tim Karaker decided to spend the evening watching a few fights at a Fire Extreme Fighting show and have a good time.

Apparently one of the fighters scheduled to appear was a no show so the promoters asked Karaker if he would step in and fight 21-year old Brandon Frey and of course Karaker said “yes.”

With only one hour to prepare Karaker suited up and stepped into the cage.

Karaker looks like your average old dude and has a bit of a beer belly but looks can be deceiving. It looks like this is going to be a mismatch but the old guy has different plans. Frey tags Karaker with a stiff right hook early in the fight and drops him to the floor. But he can’t finish him.

After Karaker gets back up the two fighters start trading wild punches and you think someone is going to punch themselves out. Karaker finally lands a straight right to the head of Frey and sends the youngster straight down on his back. After Karaker rains down punch after punch the ref steps in and calls an end to the fight. At that point Tim Karaker becomes an MMA legend.