50-year old amateur boxer schools a young opponent

Muscles don’t mean a thing if you don’t know how to throw hands.

If the BX Fight Club has any motto it’s probably “Everybody’s welcome”. Just like in many other barely legal fighting leagues, you don’t have to go to gym to get yourself a fight. You don’t need to have any fighting experience at all, actually, as no one is going to verify your skills and abilities. No one except your opponent. So what happens if you have no idea how to throw a punch and the guy in front of you has? That’s just what this video shows.
You may skip to 1:20 if you want to cut the rap in the beginning or to 2:00 if you’d like to get to the bout instantly. The man who looks like a child of Mickey Rourke and Predator is reported to be fifty years of age and, well, he just dismantles his younger opponent in the most brutal though chaotic fashion. His technique is poor, most of the punches miss the target, his guard is absent but still the guy in a grey sweatshirt receives a vicious beating and the crowd has much fun.
Anyway, for those who think this fight is awful – keep in mind these guys are not professionals (though some fighters on the BX Fight Club roster show decent boxing) and they don’t get paid for fighting. Now if you want to see what the word “awful” means in boxing, take a look at Mickey Rourke’s so-called fight against Elliot Seymour in Moscow, 2014.
For those who didn’t watch the previous video from the BX Fight Club event, this league was founded by two guys from Bronx, Hova and Will, with the main idea to keep the teenagers and youths from street violence, crime and firefights. The events are scheduled in a secret and you have to know someone special to get in there, but all the videos are available on Youtube. The latest news were that the BX Fight Club was considering making of a reality show.