5-year old boxer girl rocks!

This video has about 3 million views!

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the million dollar baby, and the word “baby” is no overstatement at all. This video was shot and uploaded in early 2013 when Evnika Sadvakassova was only five. She goes to school now and seems to have no trouble with annoying and naughty schoolmates – this girl really knows how to protect her interests.

Evnika trains boxing under the guidance of her father Rustam Sadvakassov. She’s fast as hell for a five-year old, comments to this video on internet state that she threw eighteen uppercuts and sixteen jabs. Have to say, the commentators were all wrong – I started counting and stopped when it came to a hundred. And mind that she doesn’t just strike, but dodges her father’s “shots” too. There’s no info if the guy is a professional boxer or just used to train in his younger years but he sure does a great job.

With Evnika Sadvakassova and Alyona Azarkina (watch video: GRAPPLING MATCH BETWEEN BOY AND GIRL & THIS 7-YEAR-OLD GIRL CAN FIGHT!) we can be confident about the future of women MMA. If these girls go on like that we’ll still have something to talk about in fifteen years or so, when Ronda retires