5 vs 5 mma fight: Team USA vs Russia. MMA professionals vs. soccer hooligans!

A cunning fight plan didn’t help the Russians!

Here’s another reason to be sorry that Team Fighting Championship aka “street fights brought from the cities to a large ring” is illegal in the USA just like in many other countries. The reason is called Peak Submission and it’s an American team which performs at TFC and looks like one of the most likely champ title contender so far. In their first battle Peak Submission which includes former Bellator men Ian Remmel and Allan Weickert wiped out the guys from HFA (Gdynia, Poland). Their next opponents were Barbarians from the Russian city of Saint Petersburg.

Prior to this fight Barbarians were defeated by the Poles from HFA. So it was a kind of an all or nothing challenge for the Russians if they were going to claim a place in the top of the tournament table.  Their tactics were unusual but smart. While most teams at TFC always fight one on one until one team goes down a man, some Russian fighters simply ran away from their opponents – not because they were scared or something, of course, but to gain two or three spare seconds which was just enough to run to another battling couple and land a sucker punch or a kick. A dirty game, you would say? Maybe, but it’s legal at TFC.

Anyway, the fight plan didn’t work for Barbarians. The sucker punches were not violent and precise enough to neutralize the difference in skill. Just like HFA in the previous fight, the Barbarians were losing one fighter after another until the guys from Peak Submission besieged the last Russian. The guy obviously didn’t want to have all the punishment which was meant to be distributed equally among his teammates, so he tapped fast.