5 vs 5 mma fight: Team USA vs Latvia. MMA professionals vs. soccer hooligans!

An early tap was crucial!

Guys from Peak Submission became this year sensation at TFC – the USA team, which consists of experienced MMA fighters, appeared to be one of the most likely title contenders. Headed by former Bellator fighters Ian Rammel and Allan Weickert, Peak Submission justified their name submitting the Poles from HFA and then the Barbarians from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The US team showed great ground skills accompanied by decent striking and solid team work.

Peak Submission’s opponents for the final bout were San-Da PFC from Latvia. It’s hard to say how many fights exactly the local team had on their way to the finals as there’s only one bout available at the TFC Youtube channel . Let’s hope that was not a ‘most favorite’ treatment case. Anyway, before the finals San-Da PFC made quick work of the Brawlers from UK – one of the British guys was caught into guillotine choke trap in the opening seconds and tapped immediately leaving his team shorthanded. It took San-Da PFC less than a minute to knock out or submit the other members of the London team.

However, Peak Submission looked way more dangerous compared to the Brawlers. With two wins in a row they didn’t want to stop and looked very confident in the ring. Frankly, no one could expect the fight to go the way it did as the Americans also know quite a lot about grappling and wrestling. But San-Da PFC did it again – I mean, an early submission. It was a déjà vu, really, to see one of the Latvian guys go for a guillotine choke in the opening seconds. A successful attempt was followed by an immediate tap out and a lightning fast finish – 75 seconds into the fight it was all over!