4-second Kick Knockout

First round kick to the face gives fighter 4-second KO victory.

What can you do in four seconds? Read one sentence. Take a drink of soda. Or maybe reach for the remote and change the channel. But, if you are Garrett Whitman you could score one very impressive knockout and earn your share of Internet fame.

Whitman stepped into what appears to be a very small cage against McKlaine McKinnon (yes, his real name) at Get Down 6, an amature event in California.

While it is a solid kick by Whitman that does the damage, it is McKinnon who really seals his fate. As he throws a probing jab he drops his left hand and leaves his face wide open for Whitman’s foot. McKinnon’s whole body buckles after the strike and then he falls straight back and slams onto the canvas. The ref quickly motions for the ringside medical team for assistance and Whitman walks off like a boss.

It first looks like Whitman lands a foot to the head of McKinnon but on the reverse angle we see that it is the shin of Whitman that does the damage. That’s like getting hit in the face with a baseball bat. No one is coming back from a strike like that.

To be fair this was McKinnon’s very first fight and he learned a very important lesson: keep your hands up.