35-second TKO at the superheavyweight brawl in Vegas!

Williams: “I just get in there and bang!”

 We’ve already seen Charles Williams in action. A quick reminder for those who don’t want to follow the link – Willams is a superheavyweight amateur fighter from Vegas who fights at Tuff-n-Uff. He weighs 350 lbs. and when a guy is that big the outcome of a fight is usually determined by one good punch. If you ask Charles about his fighting style you won’t hear anything like “karate’ or “muay thai” or “jiu jitsu”. “My fighting style is pretty simple. I just get in there and bang. I don’t have any technique ways, but when it comes to that, that’s exactly what I do”, Williams stated in his pre-fight speech to Tuff-n-Uff Festibrawl in May 2012. He was set to face Walter Downing Jr, an amateur who trains jiu jitsu and kyokushin karate at Ikusa Dojo in Colton, California. You can skip to the time mark of 2:17 on the video to get to the fight immediately.

Don’t know who’s Walter’s sensei or whether Downing is a hard-working kohai, but those front kicks – uh-oh, there was not much of Oyama’s heritage in them. Wlliams escaped all dangers, remained invulnerable and kept waiting for his lucky chance which he was granted in half a minute. A straight punch to the jaw from the left rocked Downing. “Once I landed that initial shot… I wanted to keep the pressure on him because I didn’t want him to recover or regain back in this urgency to ground me”, said Williams after the fight. He was holding his opponent with his right and kept throwing left shots until downing dropped to the mat on his belly. Then Williams switched to good old ground and pound but Mark Smith, the referee, stopped him quickly – the job was done.

“I want to thank the people who make amateur sport as good as it is – the fans, because without you there’s no way this world would be where it is”, Williams shouted out in the cage. Looks like we are not going to see this guy in a pro tournament in the nearest future – he’s absolutely happy being the biggest fish in Tuff-n-Uff pond.