3 seconds KO – Powerful High Kick

The bout ended with powerful high kick just in three senods! Ivhan Bibiatov vs Mateusz Piechocki Proffessional MMA League.

Nowadays it may be stated that after some decline of the MMA existence we may trace the renewed wave of its popularity, leaving even box shows behind. The internet is made gaudy by numerous queries of mixed martial art fights spectacular knockouts. Let us also be a part of this MMA madness, follow the eye-pooping combat and be astonished at one of the most spectacular three second knockout in the history of mixed martial art fights! The combat took place in a small Polish town Bielsko-Biala in 2012 where Chechen Ihvan Bibiatov with the weight category below 66 kg met his Polish opponent Mateusz Piechocki. Ihvan made his debut at this fight and astounded his supporters with headlong high knockout on Mateusz’s head. This was the new record in Poland. The effect to this record was many times stronger, as the striking blow was made within three seconds of the very first round. This is noteworthy that the Ministry of the Chechen Republic of physical training, sport and tourism announced that in that tournament in three out of nine fights the Chechens residing in Poland took part. And their fight conducting was in majority of cases quite successful.

It is known, that Mateusz Piechocki had his third experience in mixed martial art fight, and in his table of achievements he won only once, thus his total score is as follows: 1-2-0.

As for Ihvan Bibiatov, he had two more combats afterwards in 2013 both successful and unfortunate. His last tournament was marked by technical knockout at FORCA III. Thus his total score nowadays is 2-1-0.

Thus participating at MMA fights in consequence of their wide popularity may create an internationally known and honored celebrity after artfully conducted combat in no time. Let us honour Ihvan this time.