3-second turning back kick KO in a karate bout

Three seconds include all you need to know about the advantages of ushiro mawashi.

One of the reasons why many people all over the world like MMA so much is the great variety of techniques you use to win the fight. The fighter’s arsenal is so wide that some call MMA “no-rules fighting”, which is surely wrong. But still, if you learn MMA and then try any of the traditional martial art, you’ll probably feel rather uneasy, finding out that you are not allowed to do this or that.

Kyokushinkai karate is considered one of the roughest traditional martial arts. Yet the rules of kyokushinkai prohibit quite a number of techniques. The most surprising thing for any fighter is the fact that head punches are not allowed at all. So if you want to master karate you have to work hard at your kicks.

This video here which came from Russia is a brilliant example of “ushiro mawashi” (a kind of a turning back kick). This technique is not at all easy to perform. It’s done slower than any other kick which is performed without turning your body, and besides you don’t actually see the target before the shot. But when it’s done perfectly, it works perfectly. It took the dark haired fighter only three seconds to greet his opponent, get to the fighting stance and make a single shot which was the first, the last and winning – all in one and the same time! Ushiro mawashi fully deserves its title of one of the most beautiful karate techniques. But if you search the internet for best karate KOs, you’ll find out that it’s also one of the most effective – every other knockout in this traditional martial art is done with ushiro mawashi.