200+ different kick techniques

A must-watch for those who think there are only high kicks and low kicks!

Stuntmen deserve our sympathy. During filming they get all the beating, injuries and bruises while movie stars get all the glory and most of the money. Still the name of Eric Jacobus is not unfamiliar to action movie fans and can be found in at least three user listings on IMDB: “Best kickers in films”, “The Greatest Martial Arts Actors” and “Great Athletes, Stuntmen and Wrestler Turned Actors”. This happened not just because he was involved in making of “A Good Day to Die Hard” but mostly thanks to more than a hundred low budget action short films and feature films which he makes with his company The Stunts People.
Eric started as a gymnast and a weightlifter, then he trained taekwondo and hapkido, spent a year in Shaolin and founded The Stunt People in 2001 in his native Redding, CA. Currently this guy is Jack of all trades and a master of each of them: he collaborates with a famous American stuntman and producer Clayton Barber in filmmaking, he also produces short movies for his Youtube channel and works as an actor, stuntman and stunt coordinator.
He calls himself “a fighter, a faller and a funny guy”. This video proves he’s also much of a kicker. If you ever think of making an action movie and have any problem with fighting scenes, all you have to do is get here and type “Kicktionary” in the search line. You’ll see more than two hundred various and entertaining kicks. And keep in mind that, according to Eric Jacobus, there’s “Kicktionary Vol. 2” coming which will have at least one unique move – a beard kick, whatever that means.