2 second Taekwondo Knockout

2-second spinning kick knockout at taekwondo competition.

If you want to observe a spectacular knockout, this one should enter your collection. Yes, it looks brutal a bit. But not because the fighter acts violently. The opponent seems not ready to withstand such strength – that’s the point. Taekwondo is based on head-height kicks, didn’t he know that? One should be always ready to react, but he still stays within the opponent’s reach. How can one skip that? In the conditions of a real fight it would have cost him life. Thanks god, that was just a competition.
Aww yeeah, it’s fun for us, when match continues for a couple of seconds only. Still this is a bit disappointing and, surely, discouraging for the one who lost – such things are unforgettable, I suppose. Still he is champion – ranked #1 in the top list of shortest taekwondo rounds with striking knockouts!
That was a powerful start and …. finish at the same time. Nothing doing! We will wait for other achievements. Saying this, I don’t mean the shortest matches. We want the see the show!
The moment the competition starts we get ready to see something exhilarating – a serious battle, exchange of punches and kicks or an interesting unexpected trick that would make us wonder. The goal was achieved – we are surprised, but still have thirst for more! Why learn self-defense techniques when you are defeated the first moment you are on a ring? It spoils the entertainment but brilliantly emphasizes the original goal of the taekwondo art. It was created to knock out the horseman from the saddle. A short match with a single kick is a good demonstration of that. The winner would be a great warrior in the past, I suppose.
The match is so indecently short that we are even not able to assess the fighters’ techniques, so all is left for us – to wait for the next time