19 Year Old Mike Tyson Vs Sammy Scaff.

Tyson was such a beast!

We all know that Mike Tyson has been an amazing boxer with skillful knockout techniques that makes him the beast of boxing. He is called Iron Mike for some particular reason and that is after Muhammad Ali he is the only boxer that has taken boxing knockout techniques to a whole new level. He always tried to put up a great show for the people because he knew if he wants to be popular, he needs to show his best game moves. His stunts in the rings had been working very well for his publicity. Here is a rare video of Mike Tyson at the age of 19 fighting Sammy Scaff who was twice of Mike’s age.
In this video we see a 19 year old Mike Tyson throwing off some tight hard punches that makes Sammy’s face bleed terribly. Mike Tyson has always been the best knock out boxer even at this early age. You can clearly see Sammy Scaff stand a little taller than Mike Tyson, even though Mike wins this combat by knocking down Sammy in a bloody fight. It is completely awe-inspiring to see a teenage Mike fighting a fully grown man with incredible skills and power.