100 ways to hit the groin!

Some would call it dirty but it works!

    Movies dedicated to and inspired by martial arts are usually very serious. Wrong, they are way too serious, leaving Jackie Chan’s heritage and Stephen Chow’s “Kung Fu Hustle” alone. For decades we’ve been watching those movies where guys obsessed with revenge, their dojo reputation, technique polishing, tournaments winning and stuff kept threshing each other with never a single smile on their faces. Today we’re blessed to have “Enter the Dojo” show.

This comedy series parodies American martial arts schools and features Master Ken, a founder of Ameri-Do-Te, a perfect martial art which is, in his own words, “best of all, worst of none”. Master Ken teaches most efficient, most deadly and most ruthless ways to win any street conflict you may get involved to. It’s easy – when someone points his finger to your chest you just secure his wrist, break his finger, break his wrist, break his elbow, break the jaw, smash the groin, break his nose and break his knee – all that is done in the stand up, then you bring the fight to the ground (don’t forget to re-stomp the groin a couple of times!). What if it looks a bit too excessive? “While he’s in the hospital – you’re at home you’re your family”, says Master Ken. That’s it.

Alongside with videos which tell some kind of a story, the “Enter the Dojo” team produces instructional videos which offer a more detailed view on Master Ken’s ideas and combat philosophy. The video we have here is an instructional one and it teaches us the best ways to attack the opponent’s groin. A hundred moves include a punch to the groin, a knee to the groin, a heel to the groin, a hip to the groin, a stick to the groin and even a bite to the groin! It’s easy, nasty, brutal and devastating. It’s Ameri-Do-Te. Oh yes, and don’t forget to re-stomp!