10 muay thai knockouts

Top 10 Thailand vs Challenger muay thai knockouts

You’re about to see some great muay thai knockouts in this video. High kicks, spinning kicks/elbows and more.

10. A short elbow from the clinch, that appeared to hit the back of the head drops the fighter.
9. A well-timed upward elbow knocks down the fighter.
8. Left uppercut finishes off a rocked fighter.
7. Beautiful left high kick to the side of the head finishes the fight.
6. Fighter drops his hands for just a split second and pays for it right away, catching a clean left hand right to the jaw, knocking him out unconscious.
5. A sneaky left high kick drops the fighter.
4.Unexpected spinning back elbow knockout.
3. Very quick left high kick gives the fighter no time to try and block it.
2. Amazing spinning kick hits the fighter right on the side of the head.
1. An elbow strike doesn’t connect but the fighter follows through, spinning in front of his opponent and landing a perfect spinning back elbow right to the jaw.

The german fighter Enriko Kehl managed to land not one but two beautiful spinning back elbows that knocked out his opponents, awarding him spot #4 and #1 in the video!