1 vs 1 vs 1. Two KO’s in one fight.

Everyone vs everyone. Amazing mma fight.

One on one or a team against another team – it’s all the same in sports no matter whether you play football, chess, tennis or fight in a ring or a cage. That’s why the first look at a San Do bout will probably make you think “what the hell is that?” or something like it. Briefly, San Do is a pure skirmish with three fighters who are only allowed to strike until one of them is bashed out. After that a fight goes according to MMA rules, both on the ground and in the stand up.

That’s why San Do challenges your tactical skills first of all. While there are three fighters in the ring, you cannot afford anything more daring than a single-strike attack on any of the opponents, otherwise be sure to suffer a sucker punch from another one. On the other hand you are welcome to land a sucker punch yourself. Okay, so a San Do fight, at least its first part, is not just about tactics – it’s about tactics and sucker punching.

Setting the irony aside it has to be admitted that San Do has its true fans who find this kind of fights entertaining and worth watching. The most optimistic guys even say that San Do will replace two-man fights one day just as well as voiced movies did replace the silent ones. Wait and see.

So far San Do gives amateur fighters a good chance to build a reputation in a new kind of combat which doesn’t yet have its stars. A fighter from “Gracie Charlotte” BJJ school (Charlotte, NC), Jeremy Purdue, as seen in the presented video, uses his chance all right while his professional career in “traditional” combat is not too impressive  – 0-3.